WT McRae

Whether I am performing a show I have done hundreds of times, creating a new piece of work for young audiences, or sketching on the subway, I bring focus and idealism to my artistic projects, and everything I create leaves me hungrier to create something better.

I am an artist of the 21st century. Working beyond the bounds of form, I follow my interest to create collaborative works and community centered art experiences.


I have lived in NYC since 2001 creating theatrical and visual works, and contributing to the field of arts education.


In the field of performing arts I am an actor, clown, director, designer, writer, and devised theater collaborator.


In the field of teaching artistry I am a teaching artist, circus coach, curriculum designer, consultant, and arts administrator.


As a visual artist, I make knitwear, design print media, paint, and sculpt.


There is no such thing as a typical day in my world, but these pages will give you a sense of what any day might be filled with.

Photo By: Clemens Kois


Clown theater is the most immediate art form I have ever experienced. I thrive on the unpredictable transactions between audience and performer that take the work in unexpected directions.


I have spent my career performing clown and mime based storytelling shows. Even when my work is not a clown piece it is informed by Clown and Physical Theater.


I have performed in schools, libraries, and community theaters throughout the tri-state area and beyond. My work has been seen by hundreds of thousands of children and families.


I have had the opportunity to study with Avner Eisenberg, Barry Lubin, and Dick Monday.

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While most of my projects are focused on physical theatre performance, I am at home in scripted theater and musical theater too.


I love working with the words of playwrights like Shakespeare, Moliere, and Shanley and I use my physical theater experience to bring those words to life.


I received a BFA in acting from Adelphi University and continued my training in musical theater with Kimberly Vaughn, Deena Kaye, Bill Reid, and Peter Van Derrick.



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"Many teachers think of children as immature adults. It might lead to better and more ‘respectful’ teaching, if we thought of adults as atrophied children. . .we might consider them as people damaged by their education and upbringing."

-Keith Johnstone

Teaching Artist

Teaching is an amazing part of being an artist in NYC. The relationship between teaching and performing feels like an inseparable pair. I would never be a good arts teacher if I wasn't working in the discipline, and I can track my growth as an artist as it is informed by my teaching.


As a teaching artist I have spent over 10,000 hours in classroom settings teaching theater, circus, CircusYoga,  and visual art.


I'm available to teach any age (3-103) and happy to develop curriculum and learning opportunities for any setting from classroom to boardroom.


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Being a designer and a physical theater artist have both contributed a great deal to my directing style. My favorite work is mindful of the images it displays, and could be frozen at any time and analyzed like a fine painting. I have directed 100+ short length student works, and a handful of full length works with students. I create imaginative, simple, actor driven work where every moment is rich, and fully realized.

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My grandmother owned an art gallery, and I was raised with an arsenal of art supplies available to me that inspired many pieces of visual art.


As an adult, I continue to make work as a visual artist in many forms. My training in tech theater and scenic design at Adelphi University led me to do design for the theater.


I am available to create a wide variety of custom things. Whether you are looking for some digital design, window displays, a theater set, costumes, props, or custom knitwear, I might be your man.



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Production Scenic Design: Gregory Mercurio

Associate Design: WT McRae


Photo By: William Baker

WT McRae